Kirk Hallahan’s genealogical research, historical materials, web links and resources related to three families: Laidmans, Sheppards and Hallahans.

Laidman Family History Series

Materials related to the family of Lithuanian immigrants who settled in Cleveland in the 1890s and their descendants. (Download one-page printable list to share with family members.)

No. 1 A Short History of the Laidmans in Cleveland: Early Years — A three-page synopsis of the arrival and settlement by immigrants from Lithuania and the early years of Robert and Rose Laidman’s children through the births of 24 grandchildren.

No. 2 Robert (Ruben) and Rose Greenberg Laidman – 13-page biographical narrative with exhibits about the parents of Jack, Sadie, Mary, Benjamin, Albert, Henry, Gertrude, Morris, Robert, Isador, and LeRoy Laidman.

No. 3 Jack and Edith Laidman – 8-page biographical narrative with exhibits about Robert and Rose’s oldest son, Jack Louis Laidman, and his wife Edith Ginsberg — the parents of Bernard, Shirley, Sanford, Arline and Joyce Laidman.

No. 4 Descendants of Jack and Edith Laidman – One-page Introduction only (To request actual list send email to kirk.hallahan@icloud com. For private use of family members only.)

No. 5 Quick-Start Guide: Finding Laidmans on Family Search.org (3 pp)

  • Laidman Family Tree on FamilySearch.org (web link): Registration required (Create Account). See quick-start guide above. Begin with Abram Josef ”Joseph” Laidman, ID No. GC3C-BSF.

No. 6 Leidmans in Lithuania (ca 1825-1941). History of family in eastern Europe during the 19th and early 20th centuries based on abstracted genealogical records from the Lithuanian-Jewish Special Interest Group. Appendix 6A: Details about Lithuanian Family Members. Appendix: 6B: PDFs of Records from LitvakSIG’s All Lithuania Database

No. 7 Moische (Morris) Laidman and his U.S. Family. The aborted attempt of Berko and Sara Laidman’s youngest son to immigrate and the story of his four children who came to the United States.

No. 8. Guide to Online Resources About Laidmans – Family history websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google/other search engines, One-Name.net, and this website.

No. 9 Snippets from the Laidman Family Story – Easy, fun-to-read bullets with notable, important or interesting bits of Laidman history.


Sheppard Family History

A history of the ancestors and relatives of Wy and Alice Sheppard and their descendants. Includes early settlers of eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota dating from 1871. Drafts — subject to correction.


Original Four Families: Sheppard-Mann; Aker-Bahn; Paige-Putnam; Lowe-Woods

(J.C.) Clarence Sheppard | Clara Aker Sheppard

Frank Haven Paige | Genevieve Jennie Lowe Paige

K. Wyman Sheppard | Alice Bethel Paige Sheppard

A Century on Maple Lake

Six Generations Genealogy Chart

  • Sheppard Family Tree on FamilySearch.org (web link): Registration required. Begin with K. Wyman Sheppard ID. No. GH5Q-WQM
  • Finding Aids for Family-Related Collections in Regional Libraries: Laura Aker Green: UND; Vera Kelsey: UND | NDSU


Hallahan Family History

Research by others about ancestors and descendants of the Hallahan family dating from Ireland, 1828. Kirk built out family tree on Family Search.

The Descendants of Michael B. Hallahan 1828- by Patrick E. Straughan, Dallas TX (2011) — Webpage | PDF. Genealogical research posted online by the great-grandson of Albert and Pearl Page Hallahan as part of a larger study of his family history. Incorporates and updates family listing originally found in Wilbur Hallahan’s study below.

The Hallahan Family by Wilbur E. Hallahan (1989) – PDF, 28 abridged pages. Historical description and research materials pertaining to Michael and Mary Hallahan who immigrated to the United States in the mid 1800s. The accompanying 18-page list of family members was updated and incorporated in Patrick Straughans list of descendants (see above).

  • Hallahan Family Tree on FamilySearch.org (web link): Registration required. Begin with Michael B. Hallahan (1828-) ID No. GQWD-4M6


Useful Research Aids

Family Relationships Chart (courtesy Family Search.com) – Family Relationships Explained: Web link | Download Cousins Chart Only: PDF

Record and Share Your Family History in 5 StepsNew York Times (2018)

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